"Case of Crimean Muslims" Krasnogvardeiskoe group

Updated: 25.03.2021
Case description:


On February 14, 2019, searches were carried out in the town of town. Oktyabrskoe (Krasnogvardeisky district). In the house of Emiruseinov Reshat and his son Rustem - st. Working, 125.
In the house of Arsen Abkhairov - st. Abdennanov, 15.
Smt Oktyabrskoe PMK Amurskoe.
And in the house of Abdulganiev Izzet and his son Eskender - st. Factory, 16

Eskander Abdulganiev, Arsen Abkhairov and Reshat Emiruseinov were taken to the FSB department.

"As it became known, criminal cases have been opened against all three on suspicion of organizing and participating in the activities of the Hizb ut-Tahrir organization banned in Russia," the activists added in the message.