Perpetrator: Avkhimov Vasilii (judge, Russia, Sevastopol City Court)

Full name:
Avkhimov Vasilii
Date of birth:
Biography of the perpetrator:

By decree of 18.03.1999, No. 363, he was appointed judge of the Krasninsky District Court in the Smolensk Region for a 3-year term of office.

By decree of July 24, 2003, No. 837, he was appointed judge of the Smolensk Regional Court.

By decree of February 1, 2008, No. 124, he was appointed in the Smolensk Region as Deputy Chairman of the Smolensk Regional Court for a 6-year term of judicial office.

By decree of 19.12.2014 No. 786 was appointed to the position of "judge of the Sevastopol City Court".