Perpetrator: Rubanov Sergei (judge, Russia, Supreme Court of the Republic of Crimea)

Full name:
Rubanov Sergei
Date of birth:
Biography of the perpetrator:

Born in 1954,

From August 1979 to December 1981, lecturer at the Department of Civil Law, Saratov Law Institute,

from January to May 1982 - an investigator of the Saratov Transport Prosecutor's Office.

In 1982-1994 Rubanov S.G. successively replaced the posts of a member of the military tribunal of the Kuibyshev garrison of the Volga Military District, the Volga-Ural Military District and the Red Banner Northern Fleet.

By decree of 06.05.2008 No. 696 was appointed in the Saratov region as the chairman of the Engels District Court for a 6-year term of judicial office.

By the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of December 19, 2014 No. 786, he was appointed "Judge of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Crimea".

By decree of July 18, 2019 No. 345, from September 2, 2019, to appoint a judge of the Sixth General Jurisdiction Court of Cassation.